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Tools for Tears Assesment

Designed as a part of the "How to Make an Ocean", Tools for Tears Assesment are tools for tears' collecting, "suitability assesment", preparing and storing so that they can become mini marine eco-systems. The most striking tool - object is a Tearspoon - made out of silver (the precious element knows for it antibacterial qiuality), it has been designed in such a way so that it is easy to press it against face underneath the eye and collect tiny flowing tear. Some Tearspoons have already embeded funnels for easy way of transporting the teardrop into the bottle, some have tiny beaks and are paired with seperate funnels. Each Tearspoon has different design reflecting different reason for crying (and therefore responding to various properties of tears such as viscosity, heavyness, salts) and few different facial shapes.

There is also Tears Diaries - made out of chemical strips for testing the marine water, which, for the lack of the access to professional during the pandemic, helped in assesing the nutritious value and its suitability to host a marine life. Strips are groups together, and describe with date, a reason for crying and sometimes the name of the person who donated the tears.

There are also tiny bottles where tears with algea is stored and placed in especially for it made frames.

All objects are made in limted edition and can be purchased. Please contact for more information.