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How to Become Wholesome is about the investigation how bodily waste in the broadest sense (tears, sweat, and urine) could contribute towards the wellbeing of aquatic organisms. Extending from the How to Make an Ocean, this work poses questions: how to care for one's own body to become the most nutritious for the marine ecosystem? What tools to use to harvest nutrients from the human body? How to test harvested substances for its suitability? And what are aesthetics of that and developing connections between human body and the ocean? The ongoing research is presented as diet diaries and records of the chemical composition of Molga’s bodily secretion (Records of Transforming into Resource), a series of sketches of tools helping to harvest nourishment from bodily waste (Tools for Harvesting Nourishment), and invented for that reason lab instruments. Most importantly in the heart of the current edition of this installation there are 3 to 4 interconnected water tanks, where water made out of various bodily sources mixes with the sea water, influencing the growth and development of specially for it selected aquatic plants.


1) System of water container connected with tubes and water circulating pumps
2) Living water plants
3) Human vertebrae and various sea shells
4) Lab sample bottles containing distilled water made out of sweat and urine
5) Lab sample bottles containing sweat and tears

6) Lab sample bottles containing sea water
7) Petri dishes containing human salt
8) Petri dishes containing algae
9) Tweezers and pipettes.
10) Selection of drawings - Nourishment Harvesting Tools
11) Selection of pictures - Transforming into a Resource


25th June - 9th August 2022
New Dakota
Amsterdam, Netherlands

11th - 21th Sept 2022
V2_Unstable, Rotterdam