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“Chronicles from In-Between 495 to 570 nm” is an entirely new body of work by Kasia Molga and her frustration with the accelerating CGI technologies which although able to digitally render nature in uber high resolution, at the same time contributing to the destruction of natural environment, with, among many things, extraction of minerals - especially copper - needed for the processor units, graphics cards or cooling systems.

Verdigris - a colour on the cusp of green and blue - with which the artist is obsessed - is a thread connecting all parts of this new work: the verdigris pigment is made from the oxidation of copper parts from modern computers (using the same techniques as Renaissance artists); then the paintings of extinct or near extinct plants are created using the paint made with this pigment; completed with the high resolution 3d rendition of those plants designed on the computer which runs on one of those highly powerful modern graphic cards with copper cooling system.

This is just the beginning of “Chronicles from In-Between 495 to 570 nm” journey. The project will culminate with the immersive VR experience exploring the concept of landscape amnesia, collaboratively developed with communities of elderly who have lost landscapes or pieces of green (and blue) environments which nowadays generation cannot see any longer. Like seven wonders of the world, the focus is on 7 such lost landscapes across Europe (and beyond). The green and blue is a leading colour, while the process of digital recreation of those places will demand again energy extensive and computing units which run on graphic cards and cooling systems build with copper.

The estimate date for the completion of this work is Autumn 2024.


"Chronicles from In-Between 495 to 570 nm" is made out of the following elements:

1) Verdigris pigment scraped from the copper surfaces after the process of oxidation
2) Watercolor and oil paints made out of the verdigris pigment and relevant primers
3) Copper computer parts - heat sinks, cooling systems, peripherals composed into the sculptural installations

4) Watercolour paintings of the extinct or near extinct plants - green colour is from the verdigris paint
5) Animated 3D rendition of the buquets made with the extinct and near extinct plants
6) More to come...


This work has been supported by
The Netherlands


15th June - 2nd July 2023
Marginal, Ștefania Palace
Timisoara, Romania